Friday, April 10, 2020

30 for 30 Take 10

Word of the Day: Blackout


So inspired by @thisismiavera with reading a Court Case Transcript as poetry,

I referred to the OJ case and did a blackout poem using the words of the incomparable Johnnie Cochran.

Hope you all enjoy! Cheers to Day 10 of National Poetry Month and getting creative with words! 

Hope you all try this out too! 

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

30 for 30 Take 9

Word of the Day: FREE

“I’m not gonna change the world,
but I guarantee
that I will spark the brain that
will change the world!” —Tupac Shakur 
Even though many may not feel so free among us all,
voices of the youth carrying
their ancestors’ roots keep chains broken.
Giving them the benefit of the doubt,
we unlock our ears and attention.
Zoom in on their knowledge
since we are their first teachers and
remain in awe of their excellence.
Was lost in history books
Burned in churches 
Gunned down by humanity
And locked up to never be seen 
Yet my eyes are tired 
Guessing why anger lies in these streets
Captured in this cold world
Witnessing more body bags than graduation caps 
I want our youth to be elevated 
Feel the power of appreciation and build up this world in solitude 
We are destined for greatness 
But our masks protect nothing more than our opinion 
Our masks corrupt more lives through social media
We barely know if people are alive or barely living 
Live moments being captured quicker than the news 
Our youth needs this outlet 
To voice more than ranting emotions 
Knowing that they are heard 
Dreams are written to manifest a future plan
With hope that it will come true
In essence it will give us a way to work on those possibilities
Fragmented through the DNA of our children
They see more than we wish could be covered by blinders 
Yet the blinds are open 
And through fear and disappointment,
they have been captivated by a future of let-downs 
Where no one is held accountable for their actions 
But these voiceless voices have been awakened 
And are not sitting, waiting for action 
Better yet taking action 
With the tools and resources that are gauged for greatness 
They will not sit back and be told what will not happen 

Rather than just do.

by: The Silent Poet


Today's Word of the Day is FREE

And I am going to be FREE and cheat!
Yes! I am not going to write an original poem BUT
Please believe the poem I going to share will be worth the 30 for 30. 
I apologize for not giving my all today but I am consumed with my daughter's work today. 
But I will be back with an original on Friday. 
SO for now enjoy an original poem by me! 

I dedicate the poem to EVERY student I have ever taught! 

The Silent Poet💓

30 for 30 Take 8

MOON:  I see you love

As I stand grounded
Welcoming my spirit to the foundation
Craving redemption from this earth
I look to you
Brightly shining upon me
Requesting truth, power and serenity
Release from depression, anxiety and fear
Things that need to be denied at the door
I wish for peace on this earth
Speak to me
Remind me of my purpose
Cradle my needs
Satisfy my wants
I am here for you
To be used in my BEST Ability
I see you, Love
And I hear you

Signed ~ The Silent Poet

Wednesday, April 8, 2020


I am realizing that I need to give you all time to create so I will post the word of the day and then I will create my poem later in the day.

Let's keep this writing going!

And I also want to say how proud I am of YOU!

This is not an easy task but yall are keeping up and I LOVE IT!!!!

Let's Have A Great Day Everyone!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

30 for 30 Take 7

Word of the Day:  SHADOWS

Today I will take on the world through filtered shadows
while sun-kissed halos rest on unforgotten pillows
that once remembered love
comparing air follicles to viruses
masked by fear and deception
Oh what I would give to breathe unapologetic-ally
yet these four walls will protect me from myself and do no harm
Today I will take on the world...
through filtered shadows.

By: The Silent Poet

Monday, April 6, 2020

30 for 30 Take 6

Word of the Day: ANXIETY

Today has truly been a day. I hate to give a back story before the actual poem but....
Life has collided with the realness of the pandemic.
I assumed after the first three weeks that my fear was gone from other people's fear but...
I guess not!
It started Sunday... I was able to focus on my family and make sure we were ok.
Yet there was a feeling that came over me and I wanted.... well NEEDED to go back home.
I couldn't explain that to my mom because I didn't want her to think I was no punk!
I WAS EVERY BIT OF A PUNK!!! I wanted to get out and scatter away from everyone!
Yes, I needed groceries and yes I needed the ESSENTIALS! So I sucked up my feelings and grabbed everything that I needed.
NOW my sinuses wanted to act up and my jaw was hurting. You know like we just had to add something else to my already pan of emotions.
So I clearly just needed to be home.
Now fast forward to today! Home trying to homeschool and not only am I overwhelmed but I feel like technology is against me.
So I breathed and let my daughter take over her own schooling, which was the best idea I could have thought of all day!
Yet my anxiety was through the roof and I just wanted this day to be over.
Crazy thing is people assume that I always have it together; so much so that I am usually skipped over when it comes to asking if the room is alright. I would be the first to say yes. Ok, ok enough about my stress. Here is my poem:

Society is stressing me
to be every ounce of super human
yet who am i to complain
my cup runneth over
so i should keep my soul maintained
in the world
that shelter the poor
who am i to want to be upheld
in higher form
so i retreat in my strength
cradle close to my courage
praying to be uplifted from sorrow
this storm can't hold on for to long
just have to wait for it to blow over
I'll be alright...

by: The Silent Poet